Mordecai Video and Poem: Words

Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirtsy is now available on for just $14.00. The eBook edition is coming soon. Watch the announcement video:

Get your copy of Episode One: Bloodthirsty by clicking here.

I’ll announce all of the winners of the Mordecai Giveaway  next week when I’ve gotten in contact with them all.

For now, congrats to Leah M., who entered the giveaway contest at a local book festival I took part in. She’s one of three winners, and she runs her own blog over at, if you want to check that out.

I’ve also written a poem for this week, which you can read below. Otherwise, have a wonderful week and, please, be praying for Florida as the people there survive Hurricane Irma.

a poem by Benjamin J. Law

Words are the deadliest of swords.
They’re the weapons everyone can afford,
Either sharp, stabbing, or dull, bored.
Words are the chairs sat in by warlords.

Words are the tissues for tears.
They brighten night and forsake fears,
Either hear or say, whiskey for our ears.
Words are bandages for the deepest tears.

Words are the building blocks of history.
They’re the hammer and nail of our story,
Either by tall tale or the true, bloody, gory.
Words are the spears of our defeats and glory.

Words shape our past, control our future.
They edit our flaws and outline our structure,
Either as our suitor or our disputer.
Words are our souls soutter.

Words are more than what our eyes see.
They’re sword and shield, blue sky and grey sea,
Either dealing to captivate or to set free.
Words, above all else, should be used wisely.



This week’s writing prompt:

Poetry can be an outlet for emotions and thoughts. Write one this week, and you never have to show anyone if you don’t want to. It can be free from, or you can find a structure you like online–just make it YOU! You can email it to me if you’d like, and I might share it here on my blog.

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