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Note: Currently, these books are unavailable for public purchase. I decided to pull them from the marketplace primarily for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t think that some of my older books reflect the writer I am today, but I would like to review, revise, and get them back out to you in the future as they are integral to the lore I’ve been building for a very long time. Secondly, self-publishing means I’m the writer, editor, and salesman, and frankly, I dropped a ball or two. Since forging ahead with self-publishing, several mistakes have become evident to me or have been pointed out in the editing realm that need attention. Additionally, with a full-time (“essential worker”) job and a new baby, I don’t have the resources available right now to be the salesman I have been in the past.

With all that said, if you want to read one of these works, you can always reach me at benjaminlawbooks@gmail.com to request a copy, and I will get a copy to you for their standard prices. Other than that, please enjoy my blog and other writings, and don’t be afraid to reach out!



Travel to somewhere new…

Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirsty

Mordecai full cover Mk 6


Prowlers: bounty hunters, treasure hunters, or simple thrill seekers capable of traversing the multiverse.

The Multiverse: the endless collection of worlds connected by threads of space and inhabited by every kind of being, from elves to the peaceful blood-worshipers of Polihaima.

Mordecai Arda: a Catholic half-elf living in Portland, Oregon, who’s considering retiring from Prowling forever. His father has been missing for twenty-seven years with no indication of return, and naturally, Mordecai’s hopes are beginning to waver. But when someone from Mordecai’s past returns looking to him as a savior, he’s forced to reconsider his retirement. Like his father before him, the multiverse will always drag Mordecai back in.

We Are Humans Collection



Every person on the planet shares at least one thing in common with every other person on the planet: we’re all humans. We are diverse. We are each of us unique. We Are Humans. This collection includes 11 short stories, 12 poems, and 4 essays, all of which will hopefully move you in some way. Whether it moves you to laughter, a smile, compassion, or all of the above, may you enjoy every last word. Additionally, the paperback version of We Are Humans features three extra entries. You can also find a sneak peak at Benjamin J. Law’s next release, Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirsty, in both the print and eBook editions.

The War for Yokendale



When Channy’s mother, Rosalind, is drafted by Lord Panatorn’s taxers into a devastating war, he’s left with almost nothing but his lifelong friend, Ochoo. Together they’re forced to decide whether or not to go after Channy’s mother, and when the decision is made their fates and the fate of Yokendale are changed forever. Facing insurmountable odds and coming face to face with their greatest fears, Channy and Ochoo must choose whether to stand up to the darkest war in Yokendale history or succumb to the bloodshed. All paths lead to battle.

The Book of Ardilia



When Sarah Marwynn’s great grandfather, Abelio, passes away she finds her life experiences rapidly changing. From Denver she is taken to Cardiff, Wales, and in a twist of events is left some interesting items in Abelio’s will that leaves her lost in a brand new world: Ardilia. Her adventure is filled with magical tales of war, enchanting creatures, and breathtaking scenery. And under all her fears, the beauty, and the adventure there is hidden the dark plot of an evil wizard, yet to make his return to a world he left in shambles so long ago. Prepare to experience Ardilia for the first time.

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