About Ben

Benjamin J. Law is an author and poet who lives in the scenic Columbia Gorge of Oregon, just outside Portland. He published his first novel, The Book of Ardilia, to Amazon.com when he was just 17 years old and has since written The War for Yokendale, the We Are Humans Collection, and Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirsty. You can find many short stories and poems right here on his blog.

Besides writing and blogging, Ben enjoys drinking way too much coffee, playing video games when he has the time, reading, getting into trouble with friends, and spending all the time he can with his fiancĂ©. He’s also a movie nerd!

More about BJL:

Nota Bene coverOne of Benjamin J. Law’s short stories, The Ultimate Measure, was featured in Phi Theta Kappa’s literary anthology, Nota Bene 2017.


In September, 2017, shortly after the release of Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirsty, Benjamin J. Law was featured in a profile in MiLLENNiAL Magazine.