Unfinished Script: In A Day

About three years ago my friend CJ and I decided we wanted to make a short film for an annual festival near Portland. She was into cinematography and I was a writer, so it seemed perfect. But as these things go, the project never came together. Our lives got crazy, and since we lived in different cities, planning just got too difficult. Anyway, I got 18 pages into what was supposed to be a 45 to 60 minute film before the project fell to the wayside. My biggest take away is that writing a script is very different and, in many ways, much more difficult than prose. I want to share that unfinished script with you today.

The concept was a day in the life scenario wherein the viewer followed a group of separate characters all having the worst day of their lives, and throughout the film all of their stories intersect. Some characters have large impacts on the lives of the other protagonists, and others’ interactions are fleeting moments of kindness or aggression. This is a mostly unedited script, and it’s greatly imperfect. But, maybe there’s something to be gleaned from it. Also, it should be noted that there’s some swearing involved, if that bothers you.

If enough readers take to it and want to know the conclusion, I might revisit it in the future. We’ll see! For now, enjoy the first and only 18 pages of In A Day:

Read the unfinished script for In A Day by clicking here.

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