My Queen: A Poem

Hey, readers. Got any summer romances this year? I found my summer romance a few years ago, and she continues to be my muse, my love, my queen. Her birthday also happens to be this week. Here’s a little poem I wrote for her, and I guess for the world, too. Enjoy!

My Queen
     a poem


Quiet like a summer breeze,
Gentle like the come of spring,
Bright as a winter star,
And wise like changing leaves.


She is a sight to behold,
A force to reckon with.
Her love is so tender,
Her mind’s limits untold.


She’s strong and stubborn,
But her every step is with care.
She’s a cloud for the hot sun.
She’s a red rose for the thorn.


With her I am set ablaze,
A bee buzzing for the bloom.
With her I am made a king,
At my queen wholly amazed.



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One last, quick announcement, I’m going to stop doing the Writing Prompt with every post because, simply put, no one ever uses them. If I hear any demand for it, I’ll bring it back.

Well, have a great July and enjoy the rest of your summer! I’ve got some projects in the works, but I’ve really honed in on the blog/website and creating some more content you might hear about soon. So stay tuned and check back!

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