My Summer Jams Playlist!

This post is a little different because there’s nothing to read, only something to listen to. It’s almost June, and that means it’s almost summer! The music an author listens to is as important as the words an author writes, so I wanted to share my Summer Jams playlist with you. It’s on Apple Music, so you’ll only be able to hear samples if you don’t have an account. If you don’t have Apple Music and like some of the songs, you can always grab them on whatever music platform you use. Hit the link below and have a good listen!

Summer Jams Playlist



Next week my wife and I are taking a road trip from Oregon down to the Grand Canyon, and back again, so you’ll hear all about that in June!

For now, if you want some stuff to read, check out my last post here: If Life and Marriage Were a Train: A Bad Analogy

Or, check out my Quick Reads page for all the short stories and poetry I’ve uploaded to the blog.

Have a great Summer kickoff!


Writing Prompt: What song means the most to you?

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