Poem: Always For You

Hey, readers! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Kwanzaa, and an awesome New Year. The hiatus I took for my wedding back in November got a bit away from me with all the craziness of the honeymoon and Christmas and all that, but I’m back!

Today’s post is a poem I wrote about none other than my beautiful wife–that’s right, WIFE! (I still can’t believe I actually got to marry this woman sometimes.)  After the poem I’ll drop some of the photos from our wedding, too, just to show off a little…



My darling, how to begin? To wake up to you

at the start of each day, to the beat of your heart,

is to lay upon the sun and not melt away.


I often imagine that words were made one day

in a futile attempt to describe you, God’s art,

and every day since those very words have failed to do.


Where do I start, when every kiss made me feel new;

when to speak of you is to describe the east winds

to someone who has never even felt a breeze?


At your very touch I lose my control to breathe.

At your very sight my unruly heart always bends.

At every sunrise, my heart beats always for you.


Below are two photos of Victoria and I and one of my groomsmen. It takes a small army to pull a wedding off, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids were indispensable. I’m a very, very lucky man to have so many wonderful people in my corner. All of our photos were shot by Lundynbridge Photography.



Happy 2019, everyone! Quick note before I sign out on this post, I’ll be making some updates to the website in the first half of this year and trying to give you easier access to content and maybe more. Follow me on Twitter (and Instagram) @BJLBooks because I’ll be running some polls on what the readers want to see. So, stay tuned this year!


Weekly Writing Prompt:

When Carlos woke up on the morning of January 1st, he found he’d been taken back in time one full year…

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