Poem: This Being in the Clouds

This Being in the Clouds
by BJL


There stands someone, somewhere
in the great mass of clouds up there,
who watches in awe of our human lives,
wanting to fall and join, but unable to dive.

This being of that watery cloud stuff,
of white, black, pink, and gold fluff,
has seen every triumph and downfall
since first in the sky a cloud did crawl.

Oh what we might think if we only knew
what this cloud being has seen us through,
from the birth of the earliest human life
through every war and act of love and strife.

How would mankind change if we saw
as the being in clouds saw: every last flaw,
every good fruit and loving song of grace,
or every time we killed or judged in its place.

This being in the clouds, silent, praying, and watchful,
has seen us walk barefoot across grass and gravel
to find new lands and discover brand new ways to live,
to sail new seas, to find new stars and gods to believe.

This great being covers our baking sky, casting us shade,
wherein we build each other up or choose to degrade,
wherein we wage war on our own or love without condition,
wherein we fight for our kind or turn with blind dismission.

And every storm and every drop of rain is this cloud being
crying out against our divided and dividing voices screaming
or weeping for joy as we overcome this deadly nature
and triumph over what great evil moves in us like a creature.

And as this being in the clouds was there at our very birth,
this cloud being will be there when we return to the dust of the earth.
And as this being knew our every breath and every song,
this being with know our every death and welcome us where we belong.



Hello, dear readers! If you enjoyed this poem, then I encourage you to read some of my others. Most recently I’ve posted A Different Man and A Man Made of Stone, which hold no correlation with each other despite their similar names! Some of my other favorites are There’s A Woman and EternalIf you’re interested in literature of all kinds, you can check out my Books and pick up a copy of Mordecai Episode One: Bloodthirsty, which came out last September.

Have a great week!


Weekly Writing Prompt:

What would you see if you looked down on your town from the clouds?

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