A Quick Update and Giveaway Announcement

I’ve had a crazy few weeks!

Victoria and I are really ramping things up with our wedding planning. There’s just a short five months left before our wedding, and time is moving faster than I knew it could! We’re getting our engagement photos done this weekend (almost a year after we got engaged, because that’s how we roll), and I’ll definitely share some of those shots with you as soon as I can!

Because of my time getting restrained a little bit, I’m also going to officially transition into being a biweekly blog for the remainder of 2018. With my time being so divided between so many different avenues, I want to give myself two weeks for each post to make sure that this blog remains about quality and not quantity. On that note, I’ll be running some polls as to what you all want to see more of from the blog on my Twitter account, @BJLBooks.


Now for the upcoming Summer Giveaway!

The giveaway will start next month (July 2018) and will be for a copy of Mordecai Episode One: Bloodthirsty and a poster of some artwork done by the amazing Matthew Myslinski. I’ll announce the fine details of the giveaway, as far as how to enter, in my first post of July, so be sure to follow the blog and stay one step ahead! (However, I will clarify that this particular giveaway will be for the United States only, unlike my last one that was worldwide.) As I promised last time I talked about this giveaway, and here’s a look at Myslinski’s amazing artwork!


Synopsis for Mordecai Episode One: Bloodthirsty
Prowlers: bounty hunters, treasure hunters, or simple thrill seekers capable of traversing the multiverse.
The Multiverse: the endless collection of worlds connected by threads of space and inhabited by every kind of being, from elves to the peaceful blood-worshipers of Polihaima.
Mordecai Arda: a Catholic half-elf living in Portland, Oregon, who’s considering retiring from Prowling forever. His father has been missing for twenty-seven years with no indication of return, and naturally, Mordecai’s hopes are beginning to waver. But when someone from Mordecai’s past returns looking to him as a savior, he’s forced to reconsider his retirement. Like his father before him, the multiverse will always drag Mordecai back in.

To find out more about Mordecai, the African American half-elf with a coffee addiction, check out my Books page, and if you just can’t wait to read Episode One: Bloodthirsty and want to buy it now (or already have it), you can still enter the giveaway for a chance to win the artwork. Oh, and more news on Mordecai Episode Two is coming soon!

If you want to check out more of Matthew Myslinski’s work, take a look at his Driftwood Archives.

Here’s to a great summer!



If you want to read some more of my work now, you can read the poem I posted last time, A Different Manor read my think piece from a couple weeks back, Friendship, Love…and Destiny?

Weekly Writing Prompt:

Write a poem of your own! If you’d like you can send it to me at benjaminlawbooks@gmail.com, and I might share it on the blog for all my readers to see.

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