Poem: When We Were Kids

Hey, everyone! I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of my readers and everyone who has supported me and continues to do so. I want to encourage everyone who’s new to the blog, or who has been here a while and hasn’t had a chance to check out my books, to take a look at Mordecai Episode One: BloodthirstyThe sequel, Episode Two: Imprisoned, is almost complete and will be out this year, so it’s never been a better time to jump into the multiverse.

Now, here’s this week’s blog post, a short poem I wrote recently about childhood and its transition into adulthood:

When We Were Kids
a poem by Benjamin J. Law


When we were kids
We swore on our hearts
That there were so few things
To tempt us.
While waking to days
Which we spent toiling away,
Thinking that we were each chosen
For such greatness.
Wind filled our sails,
Washing us out to sea,
Towing us across such high waves,
To sink us.
When sun did rise,
We knew that the storm
That attacked our dreamt up ship
Traveled in us.
With every single turn,
With each unsteady step taken,
Those who have awakened again, again,
Talk to temptation.
When we were kids,
We acted only as told,
Thinking not that age and edification
Toils against us.



If you want to read more poems on my blog, last month I posted Eternal–click here to read it. See you next week!


Weekly Writing Prompt:

“Please, come in,” he said to his friend. “Trust me: There’s not a thing to fear…”

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