Poem from We Are Humans: “Wind Blows (Even Jesus Wept)”

This week, you get to read one of the poems included in my short story, poem, and essay collection, We Are Humans.


Wind Blows (Even Jesus Wept)

by Benjamin J. Law


Lately, I’ve been contemplating
The thought of life’s great meaning,
The thought behind purpose.
As the creator goes on creating
All that lives and dies, spirits and souls,
The very grass that’s green yet browning,
From such thoughts might I propose
That life isn’t as a linear wind blows—
But instead, life shapes and morphs,
And flows and breaks, and mends
And grows.

Even the greatest story ever told,
Which tells of Christian salvation,
Is also filled with tales of hardships.
It tells of servants left out in the cold,
And beggars left only for starvation.
The blind see at Jesus’ fingertips,
But even Jesus must face the bold
Temptation of the Devil’s quips.

What is this Devil? A shadow
From below the earth and seas?
Or is it the very hand that
We hold? What kindness we show,
Before turning to ancient ways of Greece—
Allowing blood and tears, not to bat
A single eye. Rights given to all, or kept
For those with the driest eyes to know?
Where is our God now?
We are shot and killed like pesky gnats—
But…even Jesus wept.

So is this our meaning?
Forgive me for repeating,
But now, somehow, suppose
That we are upon the wind’s blow,
Blown straight from the lips of God!
A gentle push, cause for leaning,
In the way humanity goes.
This struggle, and violence, we owe
To only ourselves. Despite wind, we nod
Our own way; we dawn our own day.
By God’s grace alone do we grow,
Both in spirit and in soul.


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Write a poem about what you see outside your window.

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