Looking Ahead: 2018

What might a year hold if we let it live up to its potential?


This year, 2018, arrived surprisingly smoothly after a tumultuous 2017, and there’s no better time to look ahead than in January, when the year is a road yet to be mapped. This post exists to keep you involved in the planning, so it’s mostly oriented around things to come! Here are some of the big things you can expect from me this year:


  • A lot of tweets about Marvel movies and Doctor Who (I’m watching through the series right now and, needless to say, I love it.) Follow me @BJLBooks to stay updated on all that–and more of course!
The Doctor’s TARDIS. Photo credits: geekbomb.net.
  • I’ll have more time than ever to read, and more time than ever to write about what I read! Prepare to know my thoughts on some great (or, I suppose, not great) books.
  • Mordecai Episode Two: Imprisoned will be releasing later this year. It sees the continuation of the story that kicked off with Episode One: Bloodthirsty. More information is being given every now and again on my blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sometime over the next month or two, I’ll post a full synopsis for Imprisoned and give a release window, so stay tuned! My Contact page here on my website has all of my social media accounts with links, so it’s only a click away to follow me on all of them. 
  • I’m also working on a collection of short stories, unnamed as of yet, that will include a variety of stories from encounters with the great beyond to everyday human victories and struggles. One or two of the stories currently available for free on my blog may be included (edited to slightly different standards), but it will mostly be new content. Keep an eye out for more information, but you can expect it closer to Fall/Winter 2018.
  • My books have been getting more exposure than ever, but I’m hoping to expand on that this year. Social media engagement and a continuously improving blog will be at the heart of my plan. However, this really comes down to you, my readers. The more you share my books or posts, the more time I can devote to writing and getting my words to the world. There are readers with my books all the way from my local area, Portland, Oregon, to Asia, and I would love to see that audience continue to grow. I’ll be looking at any other formats or marketplaces that I can utilize, and together we can achieve this goal.
  • And finally, this is the year I marry my beautiful fiancé: the loveliest flower in the field, the brightest star in the sky, the most precious jewel in my world.


Those are my primary goals for 2018! Every year, each one of us is provided an opportunity. Don’t let yours pass you by. What will you do with this year?



Don’t forget to follow my social media accounts! You can find them all on my Contact page.

Follow the blog as well to stay tuned for more information on the Mordecai series and so much more! I recently created a website dedicated to Mordecai here, which is still a rough draft of what I want it to be. If you want to know more now, though, you can find out a little about what the first book, Episode One: Bloodthirsty, is and even get a sneak peak at it.

Have great weekend!


Weekly Writing Prompt:

How does he do it? How does he survive such impossible feats? Only one person knows…

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