Poem: Hello, World

I wrote this poem last month with a lot on my mind–from the storm of sexual misconduct allegations to growing tempers in the world’s governments. Take from it what you will, but in the end, I wrote Hello, World as an anthem to inspire hope, love and, God be willing, change in those who read it:

Hello, World

By Benjamin J. Law

Hello, world, can you see me—

Down here beneath the trees,

Underneath the tall grey cities.

Hello, world, I want to speak:

I want to sing, cry, and break—

Into song—and share a peek

Into things up there you can’t see.

From those flat window panes—

A screen and shield from the pain

That we feel in the gutters and drains.

Hello, world, if I may be so bold,

I’ve a question for those dressed in gold,

Asked by those who never grew old,

And the brave who died young—those

Who were, before it’d begun, disposed—

Lead from dirt to dirt, lined up in rows,

Were handed their guns, given a target,

Filled them with led, and lest we forget…

That the enemy faced the same threat.

Hello, world, can you see us?

We’re the tools who you discuss—

As objects, as homework, as surplus.

You tie our aprons and supply the task—

Lights, cameras, action—but you don’t ask.

Dress us up and strip us down, and bask

In the glory you’ve managed us to,

With nips, and tucks, and surgical glue—

You build and destroy, remake and redo.

Hello, world, I’ve come to say this:

That we, the people, will not digress,

Will not sit while you plan and piss

All over the masses, in all walks—

Of life, of love—we’ll run and chalk

Our own way down your precious sidewalks,

That you admire from your peaks,

High in the sky. You’re not out of reach,

As you’d all once thought. You’ll impeach,

Your plans, and beg when we finally breach

The city in your high, fatally stormy sky.

Hello, world—an anthem with which I pry:

Be the planet that we need—try, just try.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays for any I missed! It is the month of joy, giving, love, and all things happy and snowy. For some people, this isn’t always an easy season, and for you I say that you are loved and cherished by someone, even if you can’t see it just now. Remember: The world may be dark, but that means that the sun is just about to peek over the mountains.

Also,  sorry that I missed my blog post last week–I came down with some bad food poisoning. Thankfully, I’m doing great now. Be back next week for more reading!

If you want to read more poetry, I post a poem about once a month alongside my other content. Last month I posted We Face The Weather, if you’d like to read that. I also have four books published, which you can check out here.

Here’s this week’s writing prompt (submit to me via email for a chance to get your prompt result shared on my blog):

Despite the snow, we continued walking. He had to be there tonight…

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