A poem: We Face The Weather

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We Face The Weather

A poem about the love of my life.


Upon that great cliff I kneeled down, with my hands shaking,
and at the feet of this woman to whom my heart belonged,
I asked a task that I knew then and now would be an undertaking.
I held the ring in my hands, diamond studded and stone at the peak,
in my shaking hands, and I told her not to peek for fear of breaking.

Looking down from the cliff, looking at the great river below,
I prayed, though I knew she would, that she’d say yes without doubt.
And when I looked back at her face, tears and a smile and cheeks aglow,
she nodded and said, “Of course, yes,” and I stood and we embraced.
On mountain high, river below, we stood just us and God and the river’s flow.

Now, engaged in heart and mind, the future is close enough to taste,
to hold as close as I did my fiancé that day, looking out from the great cliff.
Everyday is original, more than ever: It’s a new word and not a copy and paste.
With her by my side, we can face the changing weather, the changing trees.
Time is always moving, changing, whether at a boring crawl or a deadly haste.

Dark clouds roll over the mountains, bringing rain, but we smile and stand together.
The world turns on a pin, slowly and brooding, but she and I are hand in hand,
and despite those clouds covering the sun that watched me shake like a feather,
down on one knee in September, we walk through the rain and let it soak our skin.
Together, hand in hand, walking and tickling each other like feathers, we face the weather.



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