One Week As a Travel Blog: Trip to Arizona

This past week I traveled back to where I grew up, Arizona, and surprised my best friend for his birthday!

While my friend, Mat, had been up to Oregon to visit me recently, it had been over two years since I’d last visited Arizona, where I grew up. My fiancé, Victoria, came with me, and it was her first time on an airplane–a flight that I’d forgotten the beauty of.

Flying over Mount Hood on a Southwest Airlines flight.
The night we got there, we went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant where they cook right in front of you, spray saki liquor or apple juice into your mouth from two feet away, and play the most annoying happy birthday jingle known to man every ten minutes. We were the cause for one of these jingle repeats, and Mat got to wear a dragon’s head.

Osaka Restaurant: Mat wearing a birthday dragon.
What followed was a week of memories and showing Victoria the place I once called home. There was also some amazing food…

LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles Restaurant–the best chicken, waffles, and coffee in Arizona.
I also found out, by happenstance, that Barbie is supporting all body types and promoting self love!

Barbie’s Fashionistas line lets you pick from a selection of ethnicities, shapes, and styles. Good job, Barbie!
Finally, we ended with a quick trip to the park, which can never be boring with friends.


I’ll be back next week for some more writing–plus an announcement. Stay tuned!

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Weekly Writing Prompt:

“Today is the big day,” I say as I tie my shoelaces and face myself in the mirror…

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