Poem: Angel From the Ocean

Angel From the Ocean

a poem by Benjamin J. Law


When first she rose up from the grey ocean,

my heart stopped as if prey to love potion.


Her long brown hair hung wet about her face,

outlined white against that dark, cloudy place.


To stand that still, I’d never known before,

And to stare so straight, as she walked ashore.


To approach her or run, I was not sure,

but all else around her turned to a blur.


Her face is so soft, though I’d not touched her,

her curves so gentle, her voice a soft whir.


She calls to me, and white feathers surround;

her wings spread and her bright light does abound.


She’s the queen of the sea, goddess of waves,

empress of storms, lady of clouds and laves.


Never shall I wake from this love potion;

now I have an angel from the ocean.



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This week’s writing prompt:

He was made from the elements, but one held greater power than the others…

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