Mordecai E1 Giveaway and a Sassy Baths Shoutout

I’m excited to reveal the full cover for Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirsty:

Mordecai full cover Mk 6.jpg


This is the first entry in the Mordecai series, and you can expect more to come soon. In order to make sure that, upon it’s initial release, it’s the best it can be, I’m pushing the release window back from the last week of August to between August 31st and September 8th. It will be available soon, but for now you can take a sneak peak at it on

Additionally, at the Annual NW Bookfest in Portland, OR last month I had an enter-to-win competition for a first edition copy of Mordecai – Episode One, and I will announce the two winners from that event before the release of the book.

For my online readers, I wanted to do something special, too! You can now enter to win a FREE copy of Mordecai – Episode One, as well! All you have to do is send me a message on my Facebook page (which you can find by clicking here), and I’ll select at random and announce the winner at the same time as the two bookfest winners. All three of these copies will be signed with a personal message and will include a laminated bookmark available only to the contest winners.

I won’t stop there! For my blog readers and Facebook followers who enter to win a copy of Mordecai – Episode One, I will also let the winner pick one of my other titles to recieve free alongside Mordecai. Enter now!


Now, I wanna take a second of your time and tell you about a business one of my very best friends has started:

Sassy Baths

It’s called Sassy Baths, and the name speaks for itself. I wouldn’t promote something that I don’t love and use (yes, I do love me a bath and, further more, want it to be sassy). Seriously, though, these bath bombs smell great and help make your bath time a relaxing time. You can check them out at, and here is a slide show to get you bubbling for a good bath:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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