On Charlottesville

I’ve debated what I wanted to say about the events that took place this past weekend in Charlottesville for almost a week now. Two days after the disgusting, violent showing of racism and hate in Charlottesville, President Trump spoke about it and somewhat condemned the bigotry. It was two days late, however. Despite it being far too late a response, I’d decided to let it go and not speak on it on my blog.

Then Trump opened his mouth again. This time, he opened his mouth to defend the vile human beings who proudly proclaimed hate against African Americans, Jews, and POC’s all across the United States.

What I want to say is short; it’s simple: In 2017, when acceptance should be par for the course, when hate and bigotry should be getting set aside for a more unified, more loving country and world, the fact that we have to even discuss the issue of white supremacists–nay, racist terrorists–being allowed to March American streets is despicable. It’s horrific.

To those affected by this horrid attack of American pride and dignity, I stand with you, like many others. We stand with you against such ignorable intolerance. One day, when I have children, I hope to tell them of a world that accepts others no matter their race, creed, religion, or lifestyle. I’m white, obviously, but when I was a young boy, I would stay up reading speeches by Martin Luther King Jr., one of my greatest heroes, and stand in awe of his courage. We need that courage today.

To the family of Heather Heyer, a woman killed in Charlottesville, though I know you might never read this, I am praying for you. This is a very, very difficult time for the Heyer family. But you should know that the nation stands with you.

The cost of hate is death, and we should have learned that from history instead of having to be re-educated on it in 2017.

God bless. Be courageous. Stand together.


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