Poem: There’s A Woman

This week I’m doing something a little different and sharing a poem with you that I recently wrote. Take from it what you will, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

Special shout out to my wonderful, beautiful girlfriend, who is featured in the image at the top of this page. This week we celebrate our two year anniversary together. I love you, sweetheart!


There’s A Woman

a poem by Benjamin J. Law


There’s a field near the trees.
There’s a hill and a stable.
There’s a woman hard at work.
There’s a woman, willing and able.
There’s a woman doing what she must.
There’s a woman putting food on the table
There’s a woman there for her family.
There’s a family otherwise unstable.

There’s trouble adrift.
There’s clouds out there.
There’s darkness about.
There’s a cold in the air.
There’s a sense about her.
There’s worry and care.
There’s burgundy eyes.
There’s a storm at which they stare.

There’s the battles she fights.
There’s the giants she faces.
There’s the failures she wroughts.
There’s the victories she graces.
There’s the times she runs.
There’s the times she paces.
There’s never enough time.
There’s never enough places.

There’s marks on her belly.
There’s scars she wears.
There’s a life she will carry.
There’s weights she bears.
There’s obstacles because she is.
There’s fire that always flares.
There’s challenges designed for her.
There’s a world that ensnares.

There’s a woman who works hard.
There’s a woman who stands tall.
There’s a woman with sharp eyes.
There’s a woman putting family above all.
There’s a woman bearing life.
There’s a woman who won’t fall.
There’s a woman in a field.
There’s a woman who walks and won’t crawl.

There’s a woman.



This week’s writing prompt is one I saw floating around Facebook the other day, and I love it:

You wake up one day to find you now have a lie detecting ability, and shortly after realize that everything your best friend has ever said, including his/her name, is a lie.

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