A quick look back on 2016…

How about 2016? It was a pretty crazy year. Between the high-profile deaths and the contentious Presidential Race, the United States’ pop-culture took a hit, but I don’t think it was the worst year on record by any means. Civil rights took a huge step forward, being brought into direct spotlight throughout 2016. Women made huge bounds in their political presence (which was talked about in this Buzzfeed article). And another history-making woman was Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, who became the first female ever to manage a successful presidential campaign.


But enough political talk…


The film industry continued our modern golden age with blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange from Marvel. Disney’s Zootopia gave an easily accessible look at prejudice, breaking it down in a way that anyone could understand. Disney’s Moana also deserves all my praise. Magnificent Seven was a magnificent recreation of the classic series. And of course Star Wars’ Rogue One made fanboys and fangirls everywhere weep into our popcorn.

Blizzard gave us Overwatch. EA and Dice gave us a thought-provoking look at World War I with Battlefield 1. And Bethesda wrote its fans a love-letter with Skyrim Remastered.


What I’m saying is that, while there was a lot of bad, 2016 wasn’t a terrible year.

There are those still worried and suffering in the United States and abroad. The people of Aleppo need help, prayer, and all the allies that can be afforded to them. A lot of people are scared of the new president. These things can be setbacks, but they only leave room for 2017 to surprise and wow us in ways we never thought possible!


Bearing all that in mind… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


I start college classes again next week after a much needed break. My dog Moses is wagging his tail. My fish Solomon is making bubble-nests at an alarming rate. And my next novel is almost finished.

It’s going to be a great year. (:


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