Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, world!

My About page will tell you a little about my writing endeavors and what I do with my time, but I’m all about interpersonal connections and hope to connect with my readers on a deeper level. At least, that’s the goal of this blog!

So, first of all: this blog won’t be all about my books. I’ll comment on some (but not all) current events, share some funny stories about being a working college student, and maybe share a picture or two of my pets, Moses the dog and Solomon the betta fish. In fact…

I’ll keep this post short, but I hope that you – the wonderful readers – will return for more. If all goes as planned, I’ll update my blog once every week or two! (:



I’m keeping the hearts of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynold’s family in my prayers. They were strong. They were heroes. They are legends. The world mourns the loss of two great human beings.


(Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

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